Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gotta Love that Cleaning Paste

Product Highlight:
I love the cleaning paste for my flat top stove. I'm not a neat cook and tend to have lots of burnt on stuff to clean off. Every burn I've ever cleaning off my stove has come off with cleaning paste and my spirisponge! Also fabulous for making my kitchen sink look brand new and shiny.

Cleaning Paste – This is a one step cleaning and polishing agent. It is poison and acid free, phosphate free, and it cleans, polishes, and protects in one application. In short, this product is “elbow grease in a jar” and it can be used on any surface with very tough dirt such as old soap scum on the tub, burnt on food on pots, pans or stovetop, or to remove the worst scuffs from flooring. Apply the paste onto a damp Enviro Cloth by dabbing it onto the paste. Rub it onto the surface you want to clean and polish, rinse with water, and dry with another Enviro Cloth or Window Cloth…or just wipe with a clean portion of a damp Enviro Cloth. This product will leave a shiny clean surface that lasts. *Always test on a inconspicuous area if you are concerned about the possibility of scratching. Not recommended for use on acrylic surfaces.

1 comment:

  1. I use Norwex Cleaning Paste for a my ceramic stove all the time. It doesn't scratch and it gets all the 'Perma-Yuck" off in short order, especially if I use a wet Norwex spirinett with it.

    It also does an AMAZING job of getting stuff off of walls. It removed red permanent marker from my painted bathroom door. It said 'Erin"... I wonder who did it? :0)